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Welcome to my portfolio of web applications and related work. In it you will find some of my favorite projects. I'm interested in landing a career as a web application developer and hope this will be a helpful resource to anyone interested in hiring me.

Test Driven Development Documentation Wiki

I followed McKenzie Child's blog app project as part of his 12in12 challenge. I made the blog work and added comments to it. The special challenge that I added for myself was implementing Test Driven Development into the process. Using Guard, Shoulda, and Capybara, I wrote model, controller and function testing. All of this is documented in this wiki.

My Portfolio

This is the very app you're on right now. The Key feature that makes this an application is the duplicative way it adds combined name and url entry into one line item on the samples page. Basically combines url and text in order to create a hypertext link. Things I'm still working on as of 12/8/15 in order of priority: -Mobile First -Superuser status -Better Styling for Form -Rich Text features in the description field in such as indention, bold, italics and other formatting.

Display Image

This is my code for an app that uploads image files that are then displayed in a group with other photos on an an index page and can also be accessed individually on a show page. There is no styling on here. This is just to show I can install the carrierwave gem in a rails app and successfully implement it.

I'm Teaching a Ruby Class After school to High School Kids

I'm teaching a group of High School kids the basics of coding in Ruby. I'm using Codecademy as a learning platform and then developing Ruby apps in Cloud9 based on our learning.